Autumn Baby Sensory Table

Try this toddler activity or baby activity is a tactile sensory play using a train table surface, perfect for encouraging gross motor skills, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, and more!

Babies and toddlers of all abilities love this Fall occupational therapy activity.

autumn sensory activities for babies

We had a couple of nieces and nephews over this weekend for a cousin sleep over.  While the big kids were off playing, the littlest and I had some fun with some autumn sensory play.

sensory table for toddlers

I pulled out a bunch of fabrics scraps and felt leaves and scattered them all over our train table.  This was the perfect height for this little guy who is just standing and beginning to cruise along furniture.

He loved scattering the leaves all over the table, picking them up one by one, and dropping them on the floor.  Then picking them up  and putting them on the table again!  The bright colors really grabbed his attention. 

baby activities autumn

Why is this such a great activity for babies and young toddlers?  The varied textures of different fabrics are neat for them to explore with their hands (just watch those mouths so felt leaves don’t end up in there!)  

They are able to see what happens when the drop the leaves and can do it over and over again from the low surface.  Babies love the drop and pick up game!  This was a great fine motor activity and eye hand coordination task for this little guy.  He could work on grabbing at the thin fabric of the leaves and picking up the leaf after it was on the ground.  Plus, it was something new and fun!