Back to School Activity-Writing Slide Deck

Heading back to school? The return of school looks a lot different this year than any other. That’s why I wanted to create this Back to School activity to use in virtual therapy or teletherapy services, or distance learning. In most cases, kids haven’t been writing with a paper and pencil since around March. This back-to-school activity provides a means to get those pencils moving and little hands writing again! Use this free therapy slide deck to get a baseline of where kids are in regards to writing a short list of words, and sentences. The bonus is that this back to school idea has a school I Spy activity, too that boosts visual perceptual skills. Read on to grab this freebie! And, don’t forget to grab this other back to school slide deck to work on more visual perceptual skills.

Back to School Activity

This interactive activity is great for getting to know students during the firsts week of school. It’s a fun icebreaker activity for students to do with teachers or therapists.

Students can complete these slide deck activities as part of distance learning, virtual days on hybrid learning options, and in teletherapy sessions.

back to school activity slide deck

When heading back into the school year, it’s a great idea to get a baseline snapshot of where a child is at with handwriting, especially after such a long break from school. In many cases, students have not been writing or putting pencil to paper during the last months.

With this back to school activity, kids can write a short list of words on paper, as well as use the interactive technology portion of the slides.

Back to school activity that is a great icebreaker for students returning to the classroom or online learning.

Here are some of the slides you will find in this icebreaker activity for returning to school:

Start with an interactive slide deck I Spy game. Kids can search for school items and then type the number of items that they found into the boxes right on the slide.

Back to school I Spy game to use in an icebreaker activity for students.

Back to school handwriting baseline

Use the handwriting slides to get a baseline snapshot of handwriting. Kids can type the words into the spaces on the slides. Then in the next slide, they can check their answers and use the written words to copy a short list of school related terms.

Use this list writing activity to check skills such as letter formation, letter size, line use, margins, accuracy, efficiency, and functional writing levels.

Back to school writing activity for students

The same words can be used for sentence writing. Fill in the space showing the number of sentences the student should write. Using this writing task, check the handwriting baseline for word and letter spacing, margin use, and legibility.

Use this back to school activity to get a baseline snaphot of handwriting skills level in students returning to the classroom.

All about Me Activity

Use the next slide as an icebreaker activity. Students can fill in the spaces on the slide and type in their responses.

All about me back to school activity

Continue on with the all about me activity and ask students to write on paper, more about themselves. Use these responses as a quick screening for handwriting and writing abilities.

Handwriting baseline screening for students returning to the classroom

There you have it! Want to grab this free slide deck?

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