Best Sensory Play Activities for Kids 2013

We LOVE sensory play!  So much learning, creativity, exploration, language development, and so much more happens with sensory play.  These are our favorites (and our reader’s favorites!) of our sensory play posts from 2013.  We had so much fun with these activities!  If you missed any of these fun sensory play activities, be sure to check ’em out! 

The Best Sensory Play Activities for Kids

((We chose these BEST sensory activities for kids according to popularity based on page views and our own favorite memories when playing.  This is such a joy to document our days on this blog and we are SO happy you are along for the ride to join us and support us!))
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Sensory Handwriting Letter Practice This sensory play activity was a great mess-free way to address letter formation (and especially those easy-to-reverse tricky letters like b and d) given a little sensory input.

Egg Carton Craft and Sensory Bin We had fun with this fall sensory bin after making egg carton pumpkins (and getting some fun fine motor play in, too!).  This was a great way to explore textures and the season all in one fall sensory bin.

Relaxing Lavender Water Bin  We spent a few weeks this summer on a great water bin series and ended up with some awesome water bin activities.  These were great for all ages of the cousins…from toddlers to kindergarten age.  We especially loved cooling off and relaxing with our lavender water bin.

I Spy Sight Word Sensory Bottle  This sight word sensory bottle was a hit with all of the cousins!  Us Aunts loved it because we were able to inspire age appropriate learning for every age!

Textured Paint Sensory Play A painting experiment turned into sensory fun with our textured paint play.  This sensory paint was big time fun to play with and a great texture for getting messy with!  Our textured paint play was so much fun, that I think it will be making an appearance in 2014!

Make Your Own Colored Sand  We used our colored sand in many play activities.  Making was a breeze, and the sensory experience of play was big time fun this summer.

Color Matching Water Bin with Letters  Another one of the water bins from our water bin series, this color matching water bin sensory play activity was a huge hit when the cousins got together one day this summer!  There was learning, fine motor play, sensory play, and a LOT of splashing each other!

3 Rainbow Sensory Bins  A favorite of mine and the kids, these colorful rainbow sensory bins were easy to put together, but big fun.  We explored colors, textures, and shapes all while working on fine motor skills through sensory exploration.

Snowy Farm Sensory Bin  A new paper shredder lent a hand in this snowy farm sensory bin!  And what fun we had, with pretend play in a huge bin of shredded paper. This is another activity that we will definitely be doing again soon…just as soon as we have enough shredded paper on hand!

Red, White, and Blue Goopy Dough  This goopy dough was a combination of goop and dough (hence the name!).  It was the neatest stuff to explore and play with!  A few drops of food coloring made our goopy dough the perfect Independence Day play activity.  It’s still on our list of things to make!


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