Bug Fine Motor Activities

Today’s free therapy slide deck has a bug fine motor activities theme for creepy crawly fine motor fun. The bugs and insects activities in this virtual therapy slides will get those hands moving and building coordination, dexterity, and motor planning skills. Just in time for Spring bugs, this is just one of the many free slides we have on the site.

Add these bug activities to your Spring occupational therapy activity ideas.

Bug and insect fine motor activities for occupational therapy sessions.

Bug Fine Motor Activities

We recently released this bug emotions slide deck to help with social emotional skills, so if you are wanting to create a bug theme in therapy, today’s fine motor slide deck is the perfect addition.

I created this slide deck with several different activities, designed to use in teletherapy or to guide a therapy session. (Use this slide deck as an outline for therapy services for face-to-face sessions, too!)

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Bug Sign Language Activity

The first fine motor task asks kids to use ASL to sign the letters to spell different bugs and insects names. Kids can copy the slide deck to find the letter they need to spell each bug or insect’s name.

As they scan for the letters to spell ladybug, grasshopper, ant, or dragonfly, they are challenging their visual scanning and visual attention skills to look for each letter in the key.

The sign language forms is a great way to build finger isolation skills, dexterity, and motor planning skills while learning ASL.

Bug Play Dough Activity

The next part of the slide deck asks kids to use play dough to copy the caterpillar designs. This also challenges visual motor skills, but asks kids to create small balls of play dough and then use them to make the caterpillars.

Play dough builds intrinsic hand strength when children roll small balls of dough with their fingertips. This hand strengthening activity is a great one for building endurance, separation of the sides of the hand, and precision.

You may want to take the hand strengthening further with our Roll and Write Play Dough Mats. There is a bug theme play dough mat included that would be a great addition to this bug theme slide deck!

Bug Color and Cut Activity

The next section of the slides includes a color and cut activity to help kids with functional fine motor skills. Kids can use materials they have in their home to create different ladybug images. This challenges direction following, visual motor skills, bilateral coordination, and eye-hand coordination.

Bug Visual Motor Activity

The next part of the slide deck asks kids to copy designs to work on visual motor skills. This is a good way to integrate the fine motor warm up from the previous slides into a handwriting activity. Copying forms like the insects and bugs on these slides challenge kids in the skills they need to copy letters and words without omitting parts.

Bug Handwriting Activity

The last part of the bug theme is a handwriting activity. Kids can copy the different bug and insect names. There is a Jamboard option for these slides so if you’re using the slides in virtual sessions, kids can write right on the screen.

Free Bug Theme Slide Deck

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