Tag Craft for Christmas

This is a tag craft we made one year after making Christmas tree art with homemade stamps. I love these homemade gift tags that the kids made last year, and so did everyone on our Christmas shopping list!  The process to make the personalized bag tags is super easy, and once the Christmas tree stamps are done, it’s an exercise in scissor skills, too. When the gift tags are made by kids, they are extra special.  The fun part about these Christmas Tree Stamps are that you can use them for so many things besides gift tags: wrapping paper, Christmas art, or just for fun!  

Tag craft for Christmas is a personalized bag tag that kids can make as a gift tag craft.

Tag Craft

This tag craft starts with Christmas tree stamps, and is one of a series of toilet paper art activities we did. First, we made the Christmas Tree toilet paper stamps as shown below. Then, once they dried, my kids cut out the Christmas trees and we turned them into holiday tags!

You’ll need just a few materials to make this tag craft.

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To make your gift tags, you’ll need a few supplies:

When children make these Christmas tree name tags, they are also building fine motor skills.

Cute Christmas tree gift tags kids can make after making toilet paper roll Christmas tree stamp art.

Christmas Tree Name Tags

Toilet paper roll Christmas tree stamp art for kids

To start out, bend your paper tube into a triangle shape.  Dip it into a plate of green poster paint. Stamp this onto the paper in rows.

Christmas tree art activity for kids

Next, use the cotton swabs to stamp red paint onto the Christmas trees.  You can dab ornaments onto the trees or paint garland with the red paint.  …or color the whole tree red, like Little Guy did.  It’s creative expression, here!

This is a great way to work on tripod grasp with the cotton swab. It’s also an exercise in separation of the sides of the hand, and eye-hand coordination.

Cut the cotton swab into a smaller piece to really work on hand strength and tripod grasp.

We used the brown paint to paint little trunks on each tree.  This part of the craft is a great way to sneak in some fine motor skills.  Work on pre-handwriting skills with the cotton swab by encouraging a tripod grasp, neutral or extended wrist, and pinkie and ring fingers tucked up into the palm for support.  This is a fun way to encourage an appropriate grasp on writing utensils.

Christmas tree gift tags craft for kids

Make Christmas tree name tags using the tree stamps.

  Next allow the Christmas tree stamps to dry overnight or for several hours.  Admire the cuteness.  

Christmas tree gift tags craft for kids

  Cut tag shapes from the crafting paper.  Punch a hole at the top and strengthen it with hole reinforcement stickers.  Cut the Christmas trees from the white paper with a little edge.  Glue onto tags. I threaded the tags onto ribbon with help from Big Sister.  This part is a little difficult for younger kids, but older children can assist.  

We used a variety of ribbon types to package up our gifts.  The Gift tags made the presents!

Christmas tree name tags that kids can make for holiday gift giving

  Let us know if you make these gift tags, or Christmas Tree stamps this season.  We would love to see them!  

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Gift tag Christmas tree art