Coffee Filter Crafts

Coffee filter crafts are such a classic way to create with kids.  The thin texture of coffee filters makes a great material for cutting, painting, and folding.  Today, I’ve got ideas to use an item found in the home to work on various skill areas…with coffee filters! For more ways to help kids work on skills like fine motor dexterity, strength, motor planning, direction following, and bilateral coordination, check out some of the crafts for kids here on The OT Toolbox.

Coffee filter crafts to help kids develop skills
coffee filter craft ideas for kids
Coffee filter crafts for kids to use to work on skills in occupational therapy activities

Coffee Filter Crafts for kids:

This circus tent craft made from coffee filters is something different that can be a great tool for working on precision, scissor skills, bilateral coordination, motor planning, and more. 

Work on social-emotional skills by pairing the children’s book, Leonardo the Terrible Monster with a monster coffee filter craft.

This butterfly craft is a classic. There is a reason to add it to your occupational therapy activity line-up. It’s a powerful way to help kids develop skills with an easy kids craft.

This Salad Spinner Art from Babble Dabble Do looks like a ton of fun and can be a great tool for bilateral coordination, visual tracking, and sensory play. 

Coffee filters are a great tool to work on precision in scissor skills. Here is more information on scissor skill progression along with tips for improving graded use of scissors to master accuracy. Here are more scissor skills activities that can be coupled with coffee filters.

If you like sun catchers, make these snails to work on scissor skills and precision.

 Suncatchers made from coffee filters don’t need to be extravagant. Use what you have in your home. 

Kids can work on handwriting and pencil grasp with this Earth Day coffee filter craft. 

The classic Butterfly Craft uses clothes pins and builds hand strength, bilateral coordination, and more. 

Make something different and build scissor skills for more of a challenge with this garland of doves.

For an easier scissor skill activity, create a peacock craft.

Poppies from coffee filters are a fun way to decorate the home while building skills. 

Another flower idea is this vibrantly colored flower craft that really powers up those bilateral coordination, motor planning, and direction-following skills. 

coffee filter crafts for kids

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