Deep Blue Sea Sensory Bin

There are so many books out there that are just fun to read.  The Deep Blue Sea is one of those books.  Sure you learn colors and prepositions with this book, but the simple phrases and fun pictures make this book one that we read over and over again.  In this month’s Book Club Play Date series, we made a simple sensory bin to go along with the simple phrases and vivid images in the 
book, The Deep Blue Sea by Audrey Wood.

The Deep Blue Sea book sensory bin idea

The Deep Blue Sea Book Sensory Bin Activity

This post contains affiliate links. The Deep Blue Sea‘s bright colors were represented in our sensory bin.  We used a bin of water colored with 

a few squirts of blue paint. (This is my favorite paint for painting and it turns out, coloring water, too!) Swirl the paint around and you’ll get a bright and boldly colored blue water.

The Deep Blue Sea book sensory bin idea

Grab a rock from outside and place it right in the middle of the water bin.  This is a fun stage to stop and play, and you can start reading the book as you play.  ((You an definitely paint the rock red so it goes along better with the book, but we just left ours it’s plain old rocky color and pretended it was red.))
The Deep Blue Sea book sensory bin idea
Add a plastic palm tree.  As you read the book, you can add each part with the kids.  We used a small purple balloon with details drawn on.  For the orange butterfly, we used a foam sticker from our friends at  Draw a black dot on the butterfly with a marker.  

The Deep Blue Sea book sensory bin idea
We made fish using pipe cleaners in different colors.  These were fun because they sink in the water, so we had to search for the fish in the water.  
The kids loved playing in this sensory bin and reading through the book as we played.
The Deep Blue Sea book sensory bin idea
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We are posting this idea as part of our month-long Learning with Free Materials series where we provide 31 days of learning using free or almost free materials in homeschooling or school-based extension learning like homework.  

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