Dinosaur Craft and Pretend Play

Dinosaurs and pretend play are two of the favorite things to play in this house.  This craft was such a fun combination of the two and we had an absolute blast creating these dinos…And playing with them!

Disclosure: We were provided with a Dinosaurs Galore Craft Kit.  All opinions are our own.

This dinosaur craft kit from Two Kids Cooking & More is such a fun craft.  We loved seeing this come in the mail. The excitement in our house was pretty high when this package came!

Dinosaur Craft

Two Kids Cooking & More have so many wonderful craft sets to choose from.  Everything sent in the kit was high quality…from the solid wood dinosaurs to the thick and brightly colored paint, I was very impressed with this craft kit!  The whole kit came packaged up in a super cute burlap bag and once untied, we were ready to get crafting!
We had my three kids here and Little Nephew.  They were all so excited that they got to paint their own dinosaurs.  We went with a child-led painting process here.  And together thought that since we really don’t know what color dinosaurs reeeeeallly were, why not make them however we wanted??
Our dinosaurs turned out to be a pretty mix of colors!
This craft kit is such a great quality that it would be a great piece to add to a nursery as shelf decoration.  We used our dinosaurs in pretend play.  The wooden pieces are very sturdy and are holding up really well to lots of busy hands.
They played on a table together as a family…
…And hung out in a corn sensory bin too. 
We even took these guys outside to play in the leaves.  We’ve been using our dinosaurs in pretend play almost every day since the paint dried!

Two Kids Dinosaurs Galore Craft Kit

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