Thanksgiving Turkey Silverware Napkin Rings

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 Another Turkey craft happened in our house!  This time we made a Turkey Silverware Napkin Ring.  And just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner place settings 🙂  We’ve been using paper rolls A LOT in our crafts.  They are so easy to create with, and a free crafting material.  Most of the paper towel rolls in our house go directly to Little Guy for swords, telescopes, shoots (without crafting…just a plane roll is perfect for him!) So, we go with the toilet paper rolls for our crafts.  This one turned out to be a pretty cute turkey silverware ring that will make the Thanksgiving table kid-friendly and super cute! 
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  We were provided with materials from craftprojectideas.  All opinions and ideas are our own.
Thanksgiving Turkey Silverware Napkin Rings

Turkey Silverware Napkin Rings

We started with a paper roll and a hole punch.  The holes were easy to punch toward the ends of the roll. To reach the center, you will have to bend the roll a bit and double up the cardboard while punching the holes.  That was pretty tough to do, but not impossible.  I think next time we make these, I would cut the paper tube to maybe 3 to 4 inches long.  Then, it would be easy to punch holes along the length of the tube.

Thanksgiving Turkey Silverware Napkin Rings

Big Sister took care of pushing the feathers into the holes.  We used fall colored pipe cleaners from our friends over at to give the turkey a fall festive look.  We cut the pipe cleaners in half first.  Cutting pipe cleaners is a great hand strengthening activity for kids working on hand strength and scissor skills.  They need to squeeze the scissors with a gross grasp and really encourage strengthening of the arches of the hand. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Silverware Napkin Rings
 After our pipe cleaners were cut in half, Big Sister folded the pipe cleaner in half (without creasing the fold) and pushed both ends of into the holes.  Another great fine motor activity!  She was able to use a tripod grasp to push the pipe cleaner into the holes…and had a lot of fun!  We doubled up a few of the holes for extra feathers (and a little more restiveness when she pushed the pipe cleaners into the holes…extra fine motor work!)
Thanksgiving Turkey Silverware Napkin Rings
The turkey is looking pretty good!  Glue a couple of googly eyes and a beak.  We used a scrap of foam sheet cut into a little triangle. 
Big Sister added the wattle to the turkey with a marker…and added a little red dot to the beak.  “That is his nostril, Mom.”
Thanksgiving Turkey Silverware Napkin Rings
Pretty cute!
Thanksgiving Turkey Silverware Napkin Rings

Wrap a set of silverware in a paper towel (or fabric) and the turkey is ready to join the table settings!

Wouldn’t this look completely cute along with the Turkey Juice Box covers from yesterday’s post??

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Turkey Silverware Napkin Rings”

  1. I've been a little annoyed at our lack of feathers because so many Thanksgiving crafts call for them. But this is one we can handle! These are going to look great on our table at Thanksgiving! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  2. Isn't it funny how there is always that one item that you don't have enough of? And when you finally make it to the store you forget it? Always happens to us too! Thanks for the kind comment, hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh how I wish I had seen this before our preschool Thanksgiving celebration. Oh well…PINNED it all over the place so that I am sure to find it next year! 🙂
    So cute.♥

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