DIY Clear Tambourines Baby Sensory Play

We made these clear DIY tambourines as a baby sensory toy that was a big hit with all of the kids.  The clear plastic plates made sensory play fun with a visual and auditory aspect.  Babies love to play with shaker toys and this DIY tambourine was loved by my 11 month old!  Using recycled materials in craft and play is one of our favorite ways to create!

Clear tambourines for music and baby sensory play

How to make DIY tambourines for music and baby sensory play

This is an easy DIY project that kids of all ages will love.  Use recycled clear plastic plates, a hot glue gun, and filler.  We used red beans and cut straws to fill our tambourines.  I wanted bright and bold colors for our clear tambourines.  Other fillers might include: dried split peas, chick peas, black beans, or beads.

Fill one of the plates with the beans.  Little Sister loved helping with this part.

She helped me by cutting colorful straws into small pieces.  She loved watching the bits of straws shoot across the table as she snipped each one.  What a great scissor activity for preschoolers!

These brightly colored straws make great tambourine filler.

Use the hot glue gun to spread glue along the whole edge of the lip of one plate.  Be sure to put the hot glue on the plate that is filled with filler.  Then place the empty plate on top of the hot glue.  Don’t try to flip the full plate onto the empty plate.  You’ll end up with spilled beans and hot glue burns.  Don’t ask how I know this 😉

Firmly press the whole outside edges together until the glue hardens.

Baby loves these clear tambourines for shaking sensory play!

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