Earth Day Recycle Bin Craft

This was a craft I was putting together for a playgroup, so I needed a bunch of little pieces and wanted to keep it Earth-friendly.  I cut up a few cereal boxes and egg cartons for the flower parts, cut some clouds from a newspaper, and cut some leaf shapes from bubble wrap.

We were looking for an

Earth Day Craft

and looked around in the recycle bin first!
The kids used the bubble wrap to press into green paint and stamp the leaves onto their flower.  The grass is a re-purposed plastic lei.
For the play date, all of the bits and pieces needed to be separated for ease with the kids.
I scooped up a few boxes and trays from the recycle bin and added a couple of my storage bins to keep it all organized.
This was a fun, free, and Earth-friendly project that lots of kids enjoyed!
Before your recycle bin goes out, look for any craft projects that might be right in front of you 🙂
There are so many recycled-material projects out there right now, being Earth Day month.  What have you and your kids done? Link up your posts in the comments, we would love to see them!

We’ve started a new Group Pinterest group board,

 Trash Turned Kids Crafts (kids crafts made from recycled materials)

There are a bunch of fabulous bloggers collaborating there now. If you have made fun, free, Earth-friendly kids crafts or projects, we would love for YOU to join us! Comment on one of our pins and we will happily add you.

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