Easy Shapes Big Rig Craft

We love easy kids crafts.  When you can add learning and crafting, it’s just bonus!  We’ve made a few other easy shape vehicle crafts before: Our fire truck craftschool bus craft, and Backhoe craft were all big hits in our house.  We continued the easy shapes learning with a Big Rig Truck craft.  This one was easy and fun!
This Big Rig Truck craft uses easy shapes and is fun for your little vehicle lover!

Easy Shapes Big Rig Truck Craft

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We used a few materials to make this big rig craft.  We used a sheet of 

orange cardstock, black cardstock
, and a piece of white printer paper.  This craft was so easy to throw together.  I cut out the simple shapes to build the Big Rig truck, but older kids could do the cutting for you and work on scissor skills at the same time.

The nice thing about using card stock is that it is more resistive and slows down scissor snipping.  It’s a great resistance for new scissor users to practice with while working on line accuracy and controlled scissor use.

For this truck craft, you need three black circles, three smaller circles, a rectangle, a square, and a small white square.

This craft was almost like a puzzle and a little brain booster for Little Guy to build.  I showed him the truck shape and then took apart the pieces.  He had to recall the image and build the truck on his own.  Younger kids would require more verbal cues or a visual example of the truck craft.

This simple craft was a big hit and a fun continuation of other easy shape vehicles we’ve crafted.  See them all here:

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