Family Reunion Lawn Games

Games and Activities for Outdoor Family Fun!

 We had a big old fashioned family reunion this summer with lots of family, food, and fun!  Us Aunts were in charge of the kid’s games and activities and had a blast putting the activities together…and playing, of course!

We started out by researching the best outdoor lawn games from the best kid’s activity bloggers out there.  If you missed our round-up post, check it out and pin for next summer.  We’ve got SO many outdoor summer lawn games together in one place.
Outdoor Summer Lawn Games
We knew we would have a ton of kids aged newborn to high school age and were catering to the younger set.  Our plan included an obstacle course, ball lawn games, dress up, and bubbles.

Lawn Obstacle Course

This was so easy to set up.  We bought a pool noodle from the dollar store and raided our kid’s outdoor toy bin.  Add a couple of buckets from the sandbox for a hurdle.  They ran around the mini cones, jumped on the trampoline, dove through the hula hoop, and hurdled the pool noodle.  You’ve got your self a pretty nice little obstacle course!  This was a fun activity for the toddlers and preschoolers.  There was a lot of trampoline jumping going on, too 🙂

Family Reunion Lawn Games

We filled a bunch of water bottles with colored water…and have been playing with them in lots of fun ways…blog posts to come 😉 For the Family Reunion, we used them to bowl!  The kiddos had a blast with this. 
Another game we played was catching a ball with milk jugs.  We’ve done something like this before with our Halloween ghost catch game.  I taped the edges with duct tape and electrical tape so there were no sharp edges to catch little fingers on.

Outdoor Play Dress-Up Pretend Play

The dress up time was super cute.  We pulled a bunch of old clothes out that were ready for donation and laid them out for the kids to dress up as they pleased.  Add a few accessories like hats, scarves, and purses.  It was seriously the cutest thing to see the kids all dressed up!

 Family Reunion Lawn Play

The bubble station was a big bin of water and dish detergent bubbled up and bubble wands made from pipe cleaners.  A few of the kids really got into the bubbly fun and hung out here for a long time 🙂

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