Window No-Mess Sensory Spelling

No-Mess Sensory Spelling:

 We’ve done the no-mess window painting a few times before (Seek-and-find, and Colored gel mixing to name a couple) and had a lot of fun with it.  This time we added a spelling component to add a few Kindergarten sight words to the fun.
This is so easy and Big Sister had fun moving the letters around in the paint to work on some fine motor skills, too.
Pour a little bit of paint into a sandwich baggie.  Add a few foam letters.  Seal the baggie closed.  Tape it to a window and start to play!  We had a really rainy day recently and this was a fun indoor learning activity.  (You can see the raindrops on the picture!)
You’ll also love our diagraph spelling word poem that helps children with learning commonly misspelled words.

Fine Motor Letter Learning

Moving the foam letters around in the baggie is resistive and a really great fine motor strengthening activity to work the fingers.  The child is able to isolate her index finger to move the letters around. 
Add a few extra letters to work on rhyming words.  This is also great for just placing right on the table surface and better for smaller kids that way, too.  Littler ones can just move the letters around and address letter identification and colors.

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