Pre-Writing Strokes and Handwriting

Did you know there is a developmental progression to pre-writing strokes? Before children can form letters, they need the developmental ability to form straight and diagonal lines, shapes, and intersecting lines. Before children are developmentally able to form and copy letters and numbers, they need the pre-writing skills.

Prewriting Handwriting  and developmental progression of lines

Developmental prgression of pre-writing strokes

Pre-writing strokes refer to the lines that young children need to form before they are developmentally capable of writing letters. Pre writing strokes include straight lines, diagonal lines, and shapes.

Below, you can get a PDF of developmental progression of pre-writing lines and the handwriting skills by age for young children.

Get your FREE printable of Developmental Progression of Pre-Writing Lines HERE.
Want to know more?  Here’s the activity we did to go along with this free resource: Pre-Writing Lines Activity

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