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Impulse Control in Kids…Do you know a child who risks their safety by running across a busy street without looking…The child that impulsively hits, bits, or kicks others…The child in the classroom who is distracted to the point that they can’t focus or stay on task with classroom assignments…The child that blurts out answers or constantly interrupts…The child who lacks age-appropriate impulse control and is constantly not paying attention…
Do any of these kids sound familiar? 
Impulse control, or inhibition, refers to the ability to stop and think before acting. While impulse control can difficult for kids and adults of all ages (Hello cupcake sitting in the kitchen!), the inability to utilize critical thinking to consider consequences and use cognitive flexibility along with other executive functioning skills can be detrimental. 

Impulse Control Mini-Course

What if you could understand what’s happening beneath the surface when it comes to impulsivity in kids?
What if you could understand WHY kids react impulsively in some situations?
What if you had strategies that could be implemented right away and a tool for making those strategies have a real impact in the safety and functional skills of kids?
It’s possible to get this better understanding of impulse control with our FREE email mini-course!
This is a 4 day email series that covers all of the topics above plus more so that you can feel relief when strategies are implemented, resulting in tools for safer kids who use age-appropriate strategies for impulse control.
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Information on the “why” behind impulsive acts like hitting, running through a busy parking lot, biting, acting out, interrupting, or other impulse control issues.

Actionable ways to help the child with self-control difficulties

Strategies can be used to provide guidance in appropriate impulse control techniques

Tips and tools for incorporating impulse control strategies into the classroom, home, or community for better learning, transitions, task completion, and safety

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Disclaimer: This email mini-course does not provide continuing education units or professional development units. The course is not intended to treat or evaluate any executive functioning or impulse control needs. This mini-course is intended for information purposes only. The reader is responsible for any action or consequence as a result of strategies listed in the email mini-course or on this website. The OT Toolbox and it’s author(s) are not responsible for any results of actions taken as a result of reading this website or it’s email or social media outlets.

See you in the Impulse Control email mini-course! 

Know a child who struggles with impulse control, attention, working memory or other executive functions?Let’s talk about what’s going on behind those impulses!
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