Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

If you are looking for Christmas activities for preschool, then you are in the right place. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, so many of us occupational therapists, teachers, and parents are looking for fun and easy holiday activities for preschoolers. First, check out our Christmas occupational therapy activities for skill-building this holiday season. Then, grab some ideas from our list of Christmas Fine Motor Activities.

Christmas Activities for Preschool

You’ve probably seen the Christmas excitement as kids get amped up for Santa, Christmas trees, candy canes, presents, and the upcoming holiday!  

Why not mix therapy and learning with a Christmas theme and build on that excitement?

With the Christmas activities for preschoolers listed below, you’ll be able to add some learning or therapy work into holiday activities, all while getting into the Christmas spirit in the preschool classroom!

This collection of preschool activities with a Christmas theme is part of this week’s Christmas Activities week here on The OT Toolbox. Each day this week, we’re rounding up collections of holiday themed activities, crafts, games, and ideas to fill your therapy toolbox. 

If you missed the previous collections this week, check out Monday’s post on Christmas Activities for Toddlers and Tuesday’s Christmas Crafts for Kids.

Be sure to stop back each day this week to catch all of the holiday fun! 



These Christmas Activites for Preschoolers are perfect for adding festive holiday fun in the preschool classroom or at home to help preschoolers work on skills like fine motor skills and other areas of development.


Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

Now on to today’s collection of activities that preschoolers will love all while working on the skills your kids need!

Use this icicle scissor skills craft to help preschoolers work on scissor skills in a fun Christmas activity that preschool aged kids will love!



Work on Scissor Skills- Preschoolers are just getting the hang of managing scissors in one hand and the paper in another, all while snipping along a line. This Icicle Scissor Skills Craft is perfect for the preschool age range. It’s got simple lines that can be adjusted in width to meet the child’s needs and can be a huge help in teaching preschoolers to manage and turn paper to cut angles. Then, hang those icicles in the window and your preschooler will feel so proud of their work! 



Use this threading activity to help preschool kids work on fine motor skills in a fun Christmas activity that preschoolers will love.

Work on Bilateral Coordination- Kids in preschool are just learning to manage clothing, tools, and other tasks that require coordinated movement of both hands with greater precision. Tasks like buttoning and zippering clothing require bilateral coordination with fine motor work. This Recycled Lid Ornament Garland is a power tool in promoting bilateral coordination and refined dexterity in order to thread and create ornaments. This Christmas activity is another that a preschooler will be proud of. Hang the garland on a tree or across a window sill.

Need Christmas activities for preschoolers? Combine a marble run with jingle bells to promote fine motor skills and visual processing skills with a Christmas theme.


Work on Visual Tracking Skills- Visual tracking is a necessary skill for reading and writing. While preschoolers aren’t at this stage yet, they soon will be! That makes a marble run a fantastic visual processing tool for building a base n the skills kids need down the road. Add a Christmas twist with jingle bells on the marble run! It’s perfect on the floor or in a sensory table and is a fun activity preschoolers will love this season.
Preschoolers will love this Christmas Tree Activity that helps improve scissor skills.


Work on Scissor Skills with a Christmas Tree Craft- Just like the icicle craft listed above, this Christmas Tree Scissor Skills Activity is perfect for preschoolers who are developing and refining their scissor skills. Use thicker paper like cardstock (or even green paper plates!) for younger kids who are still learning to work those scissors! You can encourage preschoolers to cut through to the edge instead of turning the paper when first learning to cut angled lines. 


Use these Christmas activities to help preschoolers work on areas like scissor skills, pre-writing skills, and more.
Encourage Sensory Play- The preschool age is the perfect time to encourage sensory play with sensory bins. You can use any sensory bin fillers and create a sensory bin based on infinite themes! Here are lots of Christmas Carol Sensory Bin ideas. Use them to promote visual motor skills like scooping and pouring through tactile sensory play. This Away in a Manger Sensory Bin is just one of the ideas.


This Christmas activity for preschoolers is a fun way to work on fine motor skills.
Build Shoulder and Wrist Stability on a Vertical Surface- Working on a vertical surface like an easel is a powerful way to strengthen the shoulder and wrist. This Christmas Tree Sensory Activity combines scissor work with fine motor skills and sensory play.
Promote Hand Strength with a Counting Activity- This Christmas Counting Activity is a DIY activity that uses clothespins and fun Christmas decorations to work on fine motor skills and early math. 
Work on Pre-Writing Skills- Working on pre-writing lines is a powerful early writing skill for preschoolers. These Christmas Pre-Writing Activities can give preschoolers the tools they need to form letters. Teaching horizontal and vertical lines, crosses, curved lines, diagonal lines, “X”s, and simple shapes can be completed with a Christmas theme to make things fun this time of year. 
This Christmas craft for preschool kids is easy to make in the preschool classroom and is a fun DIY gift tag or DIY wrapping paper kids can make.
Work on Direction Following- This Christmas Tree Stamp Art is a process art craft that preschoolers can make as a gift tags or DIY wrapping paper for family! Stamp Christmas trees, while working on fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination to dot on paint decorations with a cotton swab. This stamp art is a hit with kids! 

Looking for more Christmas activities? Stop back the rest of this week for more holiday ideas that boost development through movement and play.

Preschool activities with a Christmas theme
Need Christmas theme activities for preschoolers? Here are a ton of ideas!

Christmas Writing Activity

In preschool, children it is developmentally appropriate to work on letter recognition, saying letters, singing letters, and fine motor play with letters. So often, we see kiddos who are being asked to write letters or even words before they have developed the fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination to even manage a pencil. It happens very often, and it can lead to kids who struggle down the road with pencil grasp, visual motor skills in writing, letter formation, and other concerns. 

I wanted to include in this post a link to Christmas paper for older kids. Note that the lined paper below is not recommended for the preschool age set. Even the pre-k kiddos who are 5 who may be working on letter formation, writing numbers, and name writing, shouldn’t be given the Christmas paper. The lines and spacing is just too much for this age. 

I did want to include the paper here for our older kids. Many times therapists and parents are seeking out resources that fit a variety of needs in age ranges. The modified lined paper is Christmas and winter-themed for writing with awareness of spacing and lines. Remember that these lined paper resources shouldn’t be used with preschoolers, just school-aged kids on up!

Christmas Preschool Activities for Occupational Therapy

You’ll love incorporating these other activities and ideas into OT sessions with preschoolers:

Build a Christmas tree using clothes pins to develop hand strength, eye-hand coordination, and bilateral coordination skills.

Make a fine motor egg carton tree craft to support bilateral coordination, precision grasp, and graded resistance in fine motor skills.

Create a Fine Motor Christmas Card and work on precision, hand strength, scissor skills, and name writing. Kids will love to give this holiday card to friends and family!

Finally, use the holiday crafts and activities found in our Christmas Therapy Kit. It’s a great way to develop skills in OT sessions during the holiday season.

Looking for done-for you therapy activities this holiday season?

This print-and-go Christmas Therapy Kit includes no-prep, fine motor, gross motor, self-regulation, visual perceptual activities…and much more… to help kids develop functional grasp, dexterity, strength, and endurance. Use fun, Christmas-themed, motor activities so you can help children develop the skills they need.

This 100 page no-prep packet includes everything you need to guide fine motor skills in face-to-face AND virtual learning. You’ll find Christmas-themed activities for hand strength, pinch and grip, dexterity, eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, endurance, finger isolation, and more. 

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Christmas activities for preschoolers