Fruit Pizza Recipe Cooking with Kids

We are absolutely loving our cooking with kids series.  My kids love to get in the kitchen and cook with me.  (I think the end result of tasting the treats might be a minor motivation…)  Today’s Cooking with Kids recipe was a huge hit and the perfect after school snack for a rainy day.  We made our own Fruit Mini- Pizza recipe with grapes for today’s G is for Grapes post.  The kids decorated their own pizzas and gobbled up this snack!

Cooking with kids with mini fruit pizzas

This recipe is an easy one to throw together.  When a sweet treat is needed for parties or guests, this is the one for you.  Kids (and adults!) will love to snack on these mini fruit pizzas.  Set this up as a play date or school party activity and snack combined as the kids decorate their own mini sugar cookie pizzas with healthy fruit.

Mini Fruit Pizza Dessert

Mini fruit pizza recipe for cooking with kids.
To make this recipe, you’ll need a few ingredients (I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience):
Sugar cookies cut into circles.  Use your favorite recipe or take a shortcut and grab a tube of refrigerated sugar cookie dough
from the store.   I made up a batch of my sugar cookie recipe with my daughter.  She is my special kitchen helper and loves to cook with me!
I had my little helper rolling dough…
And cutting circles.  TIP: Use a drinking glass with the edge dipped in flour for the perfect mini-pizza sized cookies!
Prepare your fruit toppings.  To make the icing, mix together at high speed, one block of cream cheese and one cup of flour.  Slice strawberries and be sure to cut the grapes in half for children to prevent a choking hazard.  Kids can definitely help with this part.  Washing fruit is a great sensory experience as they clean the fruit without pressing too hard!  Little ones can use a safety knife to chop and slice fruit safely.
Ice the cookie pizzas.
Now is the fun part: decorating!  Make faces, shapes, or pile on that fruit.  My Little Guy (age 5) told me he made an AA BB CC pattern with his fruit.  This kid is too much!
We made a bunch of fruit mini pizzas and had a delicious after school snack and activity!
These mini fruit pizzas are fun for the kids to make.  This would make a great activity and snack for school parties or play dates.
Make a mini fruit pizza with sugar cookies.  SO good!
Make mini fruit pizzas with your kids as an after school snack!
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