DIY Beach Seashell Souvenir Idea

This Beach trip souvenir idea is a post we put together at the end of last summer.  We made these free DIY souvenirs while on our beach vacation and wanted to share the tip but decided to hold off until Spring (for us, many of our readers are heading into fall now!) After we returned from our vacation, we loved using our beach souvenir as a sensory bottle for calm down moments.  This is such an easy idea and uses a recycled bottle to bring home a little bit of beach trip memories. 

Easy beach souvenir idea for kids.

Beach souvenir idea for kids (free!)

While at the beach this summer, grab an empty plastic water bottle.  Fill with sand, but be sure to not fill completely.  Leave a few inches of space at the top.  Next, add little seashells from your beach-combing walks.  You’ll want to find shells that are small enough to fit in the mouth of the water bottle.  

Beach Themed Sensory Bottle

Make a beach themed sensory bottle at the beach!
When you take the bottle souvenir home, use it as a sensory bottle!   What is a sensory bottle?  We use ours for calm down moments, relaxing, and visual perceptual skills.
Enjoy playing and remembering the memories of your beach vacation for long after!


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