Easy Handwriting Activities

Recently, I shared a 30 day series on handwriting.  I love coming up with easy creative ideas that build the underlying development of skills so much that I wanted to create a weekly series on easy handwriting activities.  These are creative activities that can be used with every day toys, tools, and strategies that will improve the underlying skills that are a MUST for legible handwriting.  

The activities that you will find in this handwriting series will be great for anyone who works with kids on handwriting.  

The school based Occupational Therapist can add these easy treatment ideas to their therapy bag.  

The teacher can add these activities and strategies to their classroom schedule in a way that makes handwriting fun.  

The parents who are tired of dealing with the handwriting whine-athon can try strategies at home when practicing handwriting over and over again just doesn’t work.

Occupational Therapists, teachers, and parents will love to try these easy handwriting activities with kids who struggle with legible handwriting!

Handwriting Activities for Kids

Handwriting doesn’t have to mean practice over and over again.   

Have you ever wondered about the musculature of the hand and how the ligaments and joints work together to allow us to hold the pencil in a functional way?

No? Maybe it’s just me and my Occupational Therapy nerd status.

Even if you aren’t concerned with every detail of the “why” and the” how these activities help kids perform everyday activities, I’m excited to share this resource with you as a place to find awesomely easy fine motor activities that can be used by parents, teachers, and therapists to help kids boost their ability to write more legibly, carrying over the skills they learn, and writing in a way that they can read what they write.

handwriting tips and strategies that use handwriting activities for better written work for kids

This series will be focused on the underlying skills that are needed for better handwriting. It will focus on the tools that make improving handwriting fun.  The tools that you have in your toy closet or buried at the bottom of your therapy bag are the ones that can be used in an unconventional way to improve intrinsic muscle strength or address finger isolation in creative ways…all while helping with handwriting legibility!

Use creative strategies to build the visual perceptual skills and visual motor integration abilities to help with handwriting struggles. 

Stop back every week for Tuesday Handwriting Tips!

Kids will love these easy handwriting activities that are fun!

The series starts next Tuesday. Be sure to stop back each week to see what Tools we’re using to work on fine motor skills.  You can bookmark this post or pin it to your fine motor activities pin board because I’ll be adding all of the Easy Handwriting Tips here each week! 

Don’t forget, Tuesday Handwriting Tips starts next week!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to sneak handwriting strategies into play and creative, hands-on activities:

 Pencil Grasp Activity5 easy ways to work on visual perceptual skills with markers. 

                                Letter Formation Direction Change Handwriting Activity 
                           Pencil Grasp Trick Thumb IP Flexion Handwriting Activity

Easy handwriting tips and ways to help kids work on legibility in handwriting using 30 quick fixes
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Try these easy handwriting tips using hands-on handwriting activities for kids.