Handwriting Travel Printable

Are you traveling with the kids this summer?  Work on handwriting while you’re at it!

These activities are perfect for addressing handwriting practice needs in a meaningful (and non-nagging) kind of way.  Many kids love to participate in the planning of a vacation, so give them a job to do that involves the family’s travels…with handwriting practice mixed in!

When encouraging these travel handwriting ideas, use the handwriting modifications that work best with your child.  Some that might work well include spatial awareness tricks and tips, letter size tricks and tips, or line awareness tricks and tips.

Looking for more handwriting strategies, tricks, and ideas for specific handwriting needs?  Try these: 
 Writing too dark or too light.  Line awareness and spatial awareness without handwriting DIY slant board  Spatial awareness in handwriting


 Pencil Pressure Handwriting Trick Use sandpaper to help kids with letter formation handwritingBoxes and Dots Handwriting Method Easy Trick for Tripod Grasp Pencil Grip

Handwriting Ideas for Travel

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