Healthy Snacks for On-the-Go Families

Getting out of the house and experiencing your city or town is a must when you have kids.  Whether you pack a picnic for the park or play in a nearby creek, getting out and being on-the-go is fun for the whole family.  Outings to parks, zoos, local amusement parks, or museums are a great way to learn and play while making memories with the family.  Family Time can be hectic and chaotic when you need to pack lunches, sunscreen, diapers, and extra clothes, and it can be a little overwhelming.  Not to mention the price tag of buying a lunch while out and about in your town…it can get expensive to plan family time while enjoying your local sights.  Packing snacks and lunches for busy days saves money while being a healthy option. 
Packing a lunch and snacks is our number one way to save money while enjoying time together as a family during outings.  When kids are used to a packed lunch with healthy snacks and lunch ideas, they are likely to eat the same lunches during the school year.  We’ve got ideas for healthy lunch and snack ideas that will keep the kids happy and full.

Healthy options are important to us and I love to pack snacks and lunches that keep the kids going while monitoring sugar and calories.  We spent a day out at our city’s zoo one day recently and packed our favorites in the princess lunchbox to save on money and sugary snacks.  Some of our favorite healthy snacks and lunch ideas are easy to throw into the lunch box while trying to get out the door.  

More healthy lunch ideas for On-The-Go days with family:

  • Add a bottle of water to your lunch bag.  Try to have a reusable water bottle for each family member, instead of pop or sugary juice boxes.  Re-fill water bottles often, especially during hot summer outings. 
  • Fruit Tubes (real fruit purees served chilled or frozen)
  • Fresh fruits and veggies! Get more ideas here.
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit tubes (frozen or chilled)
  • Sandwiches and wraps using whole wheat bread and wraps.
  • Hummus and vegetable dippers.


They loved the beautiful day at the Pittsburgh Zoo and the free snacks to add to our lunch was a big hit.  It was fun to see the big orange truck handing out free samples to the HUGE crowd at the zoo.  We could see kids all over the zoo snacking on carrots and smoothies!
We had our snack right on the grass in front of the zoo.  It was the perfect resting spot during our an on-the go summer adventure!

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