How to Teach Cursive Writing

If cursive writing practice (and the order to teach cursive letters) is on your mind, this resource on how to reach cursive writing is for you! You might have noticed a few cursive handwriting activities on the blog recently. I have a new third grader who learned cursive letters last year in second grade and is excited to write more in cursive handwriting this year in third grade.  I loved teaching kids to write in cursive as a school-based Occupational Therapist. 

How to Teach Cursive Writing

Cursive handwriting can be a struggle for many kids.  Many times, it is the lack of practice time that impacts legibility.  

When schools are cutting or limiting cursive handwriting instruction from the daily curriculum, children just don’t get the practice time they need for fluid pencil strokes, cursive letter connectors, and appropriate letter formation in formal instruction time.  

Consider the increased use of screens and technology as a means of written expression and cursive handwriting may fall even further in the lineup of importance.  

At home, parents may be limited in time when it comes to homework help, after school activities, work requirements, dinner preparation, evening activities, and bedtime preparation.  When the daily schedule is filled to the brim, there may not be time to work on handwriting. 

There are a lot of handwriting resources here on the site.  The cursive handwriting strategies are increasing as well.  Adding cursive handwriting practice into play in creative and playful manners can help kids improve letter formation and letter strokes when time is limited for addressing how to teach cursive letters. 

I loved teaching motor planning to form letters, line and size awareness to keep the letters on the lines, and re-trace with the cursive swoops and loops to help make written work legible.  

So, with my own kiddo being so excited to improve her cursive, I decided to work through the alphabet and share tips and tricks to help parents and teachers teach cursive letters.  

There are many school districts that are cutting cursive instruction from their curriculum. For parents who have students in those many school districts, it can be overwhelming to teach their kids cursive letters and written work.  

On this page, you’ll find links to all of the cursive letter posts as they are created.  Be sure to bookmark this page and come back often as we go through the cursive letters of the alphabet.  

You’ll notice that the cursive letters are not being done in alphabetical order. There is a reason for the cursive letter order that we’re doing.  

How to teach cursive letters to kids and students with creative tricks and tips
It’s important to mention that there is a lot of talk and debate about schools cutting cursive instruction from the learning day.  
There is even a push to teach cursive handwriting before manuscript. Whatever your thoughts, it might be of interest to teach or supplement your child’s cursive handwriting instruction with creative, hands-on learning styles.  
Parents can use these tips to teach kids cursive handwriting at home.  
Teachers can use these tips and tools in the classroom. And therapists can use these ideas in the clinic setting.


How to teach each of the cursive letters:

These resources cover how to teach cursive writing from a hands-on approach. Each activity listed below covers a different aspect of cursive writing. 

You’ll find activities that address areas such as:

  • How to teach specific letters in cursive
  • Cursive letter order
  • Creative cursive practice ideas
  • Sensory cursive activities
  • Fun ways to teach cursive writing
You’ll find lots of creative ways to practice these cursive letters here: 
Cursive letter orderLearn cursive writing with this cursive handwriting activity to learn cursive letters, lines, and connecting lines on the window.


So? Which activity do you think you’ll try to teach cursive letters?


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