Learning Activities for Babies and Toddlers Age 0-2

 I’m so excited to share fun ideas for learning in Babies and Toddlers.  The super creative ideas are perfect for the 0-2 year age range, and would be a hit with older siblings, too.  I’m definitely saving these ideas for after the baby gets here.  Check out these ideas for your Baby or Toddler.  You’re sure to have  fun time!
Be sure to check out our resource on the best crayons for toddlers. We broke down child development and selected therapist-recommended coloring tools to support child development during the toddler years.

Great ideas for playful learning in 0-2 years old.

Playful learning ideas for 0-2 years:


Babies love to hear voices, and there is no time like right now to introduce books.  These favorite Board books and printables (Totschooling) are sure to be a hit with your Toddler, too.

Put together a Kitchen treasure basket for babies (Living Montessori Now) to explore textures sounds, and shapes with baby-safe household items.

Explore colors, emotions, painting, and more with some homeschool ideas for Toddlers from 3 Boys and a Dog.

Create a Simple Alphabet Book for Babies and Toddlers from The Measured Mom for letter learning fun.

Some of our favorite baby and toddler activities:


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