Learning Ideas on Windows and Glass Doors

When the weatherman calls for rain or the kids need a little something special to do, you’ve got the perfect learning surface right in your house for creative learning.  Today, we’re sharing learning activities that can be done on windows!  Using a vertical surface in writing is a beneficial way to incorporate muscles of the hand and arm.  It is a strengthening task to hold the arm up and manipulate a writing utensil like window markers or a pencil.  Learning and movement go hand in hand, so these standing and moving learning ideas are sure to be a great way to creatively practice some skills that you might need to cover.  Use the windows in your house for math, literacy, handwriting, and more with these creative learning ideas.

Learning math, literacy, spelling words, handwriting, colors, shapes on a vertical surface with windows and glass doors.

Learning using Windows and Glass Doors

Creekside Learning shares how to do math on the window.
These monster math window clings are a fun way to practice math skills.
Move and learn with a hundreds sticky chart on the window or glass door.
You can practice letters with a seasonal theme, like Mom Inspired Life.
Or, make an alphabet tree on the glass door like Fun-a-Day did for Pre-K Pages.
Practice handwriting like Coffee Cups and Crayons, using window paint.
Therapy Fun Zone shares more about handwriting on the door.
The Jenny Evolution practiced writing on a vertical surface, too.
Modern Preschool practiced handwriting on the window using shaving cream.
Kids can learn shapes and colors on the glass door, like Adventures of Adam.
Or, use paints to explore colors like Simple Fun for Kids.
Discover the colors of the rainbow by building a rainbow on the window like we did.
What better way to hold your paints, pencils, and window markers, than a homemade window easel like the one Picklebums made.
Practicing spelling words?  Make it mess-free sensory window spelling like we did.

This post is part of our month-long series: Learning with Free Materials series, where we share ideas to learn at home using free (or almost free) materials.  It’s part of the 31 Days of Homeschooling Tips as we blog along with other bloggers with learning at home tips and tools.

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