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Here, you can get a mask social story for kids with sensory needs. Trying to help kids with the task of wearing a mask? In our area, schools are moving from full virtual to hybrid learning, so that means kids that have been out of the classroom since March are now going to be back in the physical school location. And, getting kids to wear masks…and keep those masks on…can be a real concern, especially for kids with sensory needs! Today, I’ve got a free teletherapy slide deck to help kids learn the importance of wearing a mask and it covers the sensory concerns that might come up with mask wearing. This slide deck is a social story for mask wearing with sensory issues, so it adds a story component while allowing kids to understand why they need to wear a mask when it feels itchy or scratchy. This slide deck is free, so grab it below.

Get this free mask social story to help kids with sensory needs tolerate and accommodate for mask wearing.

Wearing a mask with sensory needs

For kids with sensory needs, wearing a mask can be a big problem. But some schools, businesses, and situations require a mask for entry. So how does the child with sensory needs deal with this situation? For some, the softest of face masks can feel scratchy or itchy. It can make others feel like they are contained. Still others are frustrated wtih the feel of mask straps behind their ears.

Kids with sensory needs and masks don’t mix!

That’s why I wanted to put this social story together and get it into your hands. Because some kids are truly struggling with wearing a mask and don’t understand why they need to have this itchy, scratchy fabric attached to their face!

Help kids wear a mask when they have sensory preferences due to sensory processing disorder.

Wearing a Mask Social Story

Some kids respond really well to social stories, so this slide deck should be a good way to teach this concept. I’ve made the slide deck interactive, so kids can read through the slide, and move the checkmark to the “finished” square once they understand the concept on each slide.

Kids with sensory needs can struggle with wearing a mask. This mask social story can help if the mask feels too tight.

The slides cover various aspects of masks for kids with sensory needs, including how masks feel on the skin, or how they may make a person feel hot.

I’ve also included slides in this social story that tell the reader they can ask for help if they need it when wearing a mask.

Some children may chew on their face mask to meet oral sensory needs as calming input when they attempt to self-regulate. However, another sensory tool could be used in place of the mask. This sensory social story helps kids to understand that by reading the words of the story and by matching those words to the image.

Kids with sensory needs can feel a mask as too tight or scratchy. This mask social story can help.

Kids with sensory needs or those with sensory processing disorder may feel the temperature difference between having a mask on or off. This mask sensory story covers those issues.

You’ll find slides for kids that feel that mask move in and out with their breath, as well. All of these sensory sensitivities can be very apparent with the use of a face mask!

use this free mask social story in teletherapy or to help kids with sensory needs adjust to wearing a mask by offering other alternatives that meet their sensory needs.

Free slide deck for wearing a mask with sensory needs

To get this slide deck, enter your email address below. By doing this, I am able to deliver the slides to your email inbox.

Be sure to log into your Google drive first. You will get a pdf that you can save and use over and over again. Click the document to make a copy of the slide onto your drive.

Use the slide deck in “edit” mode to allow students to move the check marks on each slide as the individual slide is read. You can also use this slide deck in “present” mode, but the movable piece won’t work.

Get this Free “Wearing a Mask” Social Story slide deck

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