Mindfulness WorkSheet Football Theme

This mindfulness worksheet has a football theme, making it a fun mindfulness exercise for kids, especially those who love all things football. You will find a lot of these mindfulness worksheets here on the website, as well as mindfulness activities. All of these printable mindfulness handouts are designed as tools for deep breathing as a coping strategy for kids. Today’s coping tool fits in perfectly with our recent football activities and football therapy slide deck. Be sure to add this mindfulness activity to these other football theme ideas for themed therapy activities.

Mindfulness worksheet with a football theme, for helping kids use deep breathing as a coping tool. This free printable is perfect for kids who love football!

Mindfulness Worksheet

There are many benefits of mindfulness that support the needs of children in a therapeutic sense for addressing behavioral needs, sensory needs, emotional needs so they can function and complete daily tasks. There are also benefits of mindfulness worksheets and strategies to cope with feelings, emotions, and responses to the world around us.

This fun mindfulness activity is a simple worksheet designed around a football theme.

It provides a visual grounding exercise to allow children to move as they use deep breathing strategies to self-reflect and become more aware of their body and how it’s responding in any given moment.

This football themed worksheet actually can be printed off and used as a coping tool at home, at school, or in the therapy clinic.

What’s nice about this mindfulness exercise is that children who love football and all things sports can picture the football and the deep breathing actions during situations even if they don’t have the mindfulness worksheet in front of them.

The ideal process would be to show students how they can take deep breaths in difficult siduations by using the football worksheet as a visual cue. Then, students can work toward imagingin the visual during times when they experience big feelings or emotions. This way, they can become more independent in using deep breathing as a coping strategy any time!

Free Football Theme Mindfulness Worksheet

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