Football Theme Therapy Slides

Here it is… another free therapy slide deck, this time with a football theme! Recently, I shared a football activities blog post here on the website. It’s perfect for your football-loving therapy clients that need to build motor skill development in OT sessions. Today’s free occupational therapy slide deck with a football theme therapy slide deck that is just one more football themed set of activities that you can add to your pediatric occupational therapy intervention toolbox!

Football theme activities slide deck for therapy

Football Theme Therapy Slide Deck

This slide deck is another free resource that you can use in teletherapy interventions using an interactive slide deck designed to boost skills in fine motor, gross motor, vision, mindfulness, self-regulation, and more.

Use these slides to run a whole therapy session, based on the individual needs of your clients…OR, use just a slide or two to work on specific skills.

The nice thing about using a football theme is that you can pair the occupational therapy theme of the week (football activities in this case), with lots of different hands-on activities that build specific skills in the areas of motor planning, bilateral coordination, sensory input, regulation, and more.

Kids can work through the interactive slides and move the movable parts of the slides to practice various occupational therapy interventions. The slides are designed to build skills in the following developmental areas:

  • Fine Motor Skills: In-hand manipulation, separation of the sides of the hand, precision
  • Gross Motor Skills: core strength, stability, strengthening, proximal stability
  • Visual Perceptual Skills: Visual discrimination, visual discrimination
  • Mindfulness: awareness, deep breathing, focus, attention

Below, you’ll find a form to enter your email to grab this free interactive slide. But first, I wanted to explain how this slide deck works.

Football theme activity for occupational therapy interventions to work on mindfulness with kids.

Mindfulness Activity- Move the interactive football piece along the arrow to the field goal as students breathe a deep breath in and a deep breath out in a football themed mindfulness activity. This mindful breathing can act as a coping tool and a strategy to help kids with focused breathing so they are more aware off breath as a strategy for awareness, worries, or stress. Moving the football along the arrow line is also a good exercise in eye-hand coordination.

football theme therapy slide deck

Football Fine Motor Activity– with this slide, you are prompted to move the interactive football pieces over the football goal post. Then, students can follow the instructions on the slides to complete a hands-on activity with small pieces of paper. This fine motor activity works a variety of areas and gets those little hands moving.

Here’s another football fine motor activity that you can pair with this slide deck.

Football theme slide deck to work on visual perception with kids.

Visual Perception Activity- Count the number of each type of football. Then, type the number that is found into the text box. This is a great way to work on a variety of visual perceptual skills with a football theme.

Football theme slide deck to help kids work on handwriting.

Football Theme Writing Prompts- Students can choose one writing prompt and write out their response on paper. They can do a mini-self assessment for accuracy of letter formation, letter and word spacing, and line use.

Football theme gross motor activities for kids

Football Gross Motor Activities- There are several different core body stretches and movements. Students can use a real football or pretend to use one as they go through each pose. Some students can benefit from going through this section of the slide deck several times.

Football activity to work on self regulation with kids.

Self-Regulation Check-In- Finally, students can move the interactive piece to slide the football marker to describe their feelings, emotions, and behaviors. This is a good chance to talk about coping tools they have available to help with self-regulation.

Handwriting: Use writing prompts to practice letter formation, spacing, sizing, and legibility with football theme writing prompts

FREE Football Theme SLIDE DECK

Here’s how you can get the interactive slide deck to work on occupational therapy goals with a football theme:

Enter your email address in the form below. Check your email and click on the button to grab your resource. Save that page so you can access these slide decks again.

Sign into your Google account. Click on the big button in that PDF that you just accessed. It will prompt you to make a copy of the slide deck. That will be your master copy of this slide deck.

Now the slide deck is on your Google account.

Share the slide deck with students. You can make a copy for each student and upload it to their Google classroom or use it in Zoom. Here is a post on FAQ for troubleshooting any issues you might run across with using or accessing the slide deck.

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    Football theme activities slide deck for therapy