Nativity Play **25 Days of Christmas Play**

Day 3 of 25 Days of Christmas Play
Act out The Story of Jesus’s birth with dolls…stuffed animals…Barbies ūüôā
Big Sister was playing with her bin of dolls, Little Petshop animals, and Little People yesterday. ¬†She had them all set up in front of the Little People barn. ¬†They were all arranged in a line, just so…

I asked her what was going on in this story, and she told me:
“Baby Jesus is being born in his barn, and His Mommy Mary is there with his Daddy Joseph”.
She had all of the animals in the back with the Farmer (Shepard) and three boys together (Wise men).  I asked what the Little Mermaid was doing there, and she said,
“That’s Baby Jesus’ Godmother”.¬†
(my husband and I were just given the honor of being a Godmother/Godfather to our newest niece).
Big Sister also had a cup of water next to her to put a cross on the baby’s head.
She started reading, to everyone (the ducks, princesses, monkeys…) in attendance, the story of Snow White, and said that Snow White had to clean the Seven Dwarfs’ house so “she could get ready for Baby Jesus to be born”.
I loved that!


I know there is a Little People nativity set out there, which is super cute…and lots of child-friendly¬†Nativity sets are available on the market for kids to play with.
But the Story can also be told (and played again and again through a child’s voice)
with any dolls, babies, stuffed animals that you have in your house…
Even with Dora the Explorer playing the role of the Angel!
Have a fun and playful weekend ūüôā

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