Olympics Activities for Kids

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We are loving all things Olympics these days!  Did you watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics?  we had fun creating our Olympic Rings craft to get ready so when we looked at all of the fun links in this week’s Share It Saturday, we were so excited to find a bunch of great Olympic crafts, activities, snacks, and art dedicated to the Olympic games!

Kids will love to create Olympic art and crafts, eat Olympic themed foods, and more!

Olympic Activities for Kids

Olympic Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for a few fun ideas for the kids to celebrate the Olympic Games?  Try  making gold, silver, and bronze play dough with crayons for a bold color and smooth, glittery texture to the metallic play dough that will last for the length of the Olympic games.  Be sure to store the play dough in a plastic bag and you will be able to create play dough medals for weeks.

You could make an Olympic torch, olive leaf crown, and read a few Olympic books like Teach Beside Me did: Greek Olympics Lesson.  Or, you could make an Olympic Flag Craft like Crystal’s Tiny Treasures. 

Olympic Art for Kids

If Olympic Art is more your style, create Olympic Chalk Art like Education Possible.  We love this Olympic Rings Art. made from a re-purposed canvas from Happy Hooligans.

Olympic Printables for Kids

Need some free Olympic printables?  Get busy with Enchanted Homeschooling Mom’s Winter Olympics Pack. 

Olympic Games and Athletics for Kids

If getting active is on your agenda, KCEdventures shows us how to plan your own Olympic celebration for kids. 

Olympic Food for Kids

When the kids are starving and need re-fueling from all that athletic activity, you’ll need Olympic themed food!  JDaniel 4’s Mom has it on her Olympics for Kids post (along with more games, activities, and crafts!)

Olympic activities for kids including Olympic themed snacks, crafts, activities, and learning. This is great for summer or winter Olympics.

More crafts and activities that you will love: 



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