One Zillion Valentines Heart Chocolates craft

Valentine’s Day crafts and activities are some of our favorite ways to play. This fun holiday is all about love and fun.  Ok, so it’s not a real holiday, and maybe you’re in the camp that it’s a made-up holiday but stores. Pair this chocolate activity with our hot chocolate craft for more fine motor fun.

Whatever your thoughts, you’ve got to admit, the pink and the hearts are a fun way to play after a month of cold wintery snowflakes and all of the red and green December brings.  This Valentine’s Day craft was a fun way to create based on one of our favorite Valentine’s Day books, One Zillion Valentines by Frank Modell.  And the message is perfect–Valentine’s don’t need to come from a store!

We love this book for it’s fun illustrations, great message, and it’s Valentine’s Day fun.  When we read the book recently, we found a few things in the pages that we wanted to craft.  We made this Valentine Heart Box of Chocolates on a miniature scale for the cuteness factor and a little imagination play.

Make a miniature heart Valentine chocolate box from a cardboard tube.  This is too cute!

Valentine’s Day Box of Chocolates Craft

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Reading the book, One Zillion Valentines
shows us the friendship of Martin and Melvin as they trek around town and notice a huge heart shaped chocolate heart in a store window.  They decide that Valentines are not just for girls (and that they don’t need to come from a store!)

When we saw that giant heart shaped valentine, we knew we had to make one just like it (only on a smaller scale!)

We started with a cardboard tube.  In case you didn’t know, we kind of like cardboard tube crafts.

Shape the tube into a heart shape.  Cut two red hearts from red cardstock.

Cut the cardboard tube into 1/2 inch thick heart shaped rings.  This is a job for an adult, as cutting through the cardboard takes a little muscle.

Cut one of the hearts at the point and snip off a small piece. You will want to tape the heart back together so it is smaller than the other cardboard tube heart and the larger one will fit on top of the smaller heart .  The larger heart will be the lid for the bottom heart.

Dip the edges of the hearts into glue and press onto the red cardstock
hearts.   Let these dry.

Once dry, you can decorate however you like!  We used a piece of ribbon to look like the chocolate heart box in One Zillion Valentines, but you could also draw on heats, flowers, or add bits of ribbon to decorate.

This isn’t the only craft we made based on the book, One Zillion Valentines.  We made another fun craft that will be coming your way soon!

This post is part of the Read and Play series where bloggers share crafts and activities based on books.  This months post is all about Valentine’s Day books for kids.  You can find more creative Valentine activities and crafts all in one place on The Pleasantest Thing.   

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