Outdoor Invitation to Play…Snow Restaurant!

Just a few days ago, we had tons of snow in our yard…Today, it’s 60 degrees and all that’s left of our snowman is a pile of sticks, stones, and a carrot!  The kids and I headed outside to play in the warm weather a few days ago as the warm spell was beginning to melt away the snow.  I wanted to get the kids outside to enjoy the last of the snow before it was gone (for now…)
This is the invitation to play I set up…I pulled out our little kitchen set…with no battery operated parts or stickers on it to worry about getting wet.
I brought out a couple of spoons, ladles, and the ice cream scoop from my kitchen, and added a few plastic containers from the recycle bin. 
Perfect outdoor restaurant!
Big Sister had so much fun with this!  She got busy being the “chef”.

Order’s Up!


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  1. Popped over here via your link at Teach Beside Me. Plus, I'm already following your blog! 🙂 LOVE this pretend play in the snow. What a great way to incorporate pretend play, sensory play, and outdoor play.

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