Outer Space Books for Kids

You may have noticed that we’ve been on a bit of an Outer Space theme.  We’ve had a stack of space library books and favorites from our own collection out in the traffic of the living room for a few weeks now.  These are our favorite Outer Space books for reference, fun, and space-themed activities.  If you’ve got a space fan, rocket lover, or future astronaut on your hands, these are the books for you!

Outer space books for kids

Best Outer Space Books for Kids:

On the Moon
by Anna Melbourne is a picture book that we have read probably 1,500 times. I’m sure you have books in your own personal library that are hits with the kids. They are the books that you read every night before bedtime for 6 months strait. This is one of those books for us. My husband was able to recite the 24 page book from heart…and he can still do so! This is a special book in our house! It’s got great illustrations and and facts that your preschooler and toddler will love.

Basher Basics: Space ExplorationThis book is for a little older kids, but we love it for it’s fun illustrations and information.

 The Planets
by Gail Gibbons is great for kids with it’s big illustrations and interesting facts on each planet.

What Is the Moon Made Of?: And Other Questions Kids Have About Space (Kids’ Questions)
by Donna H. Bowman is such a cute book with lots of facts about space. This book ignites more questions and fun discussions. This is a must-read for space fans.

The Kids Book of the Night Sky
by Ann Love & Jane Drake is a wealth of information. We loved all of the activities in the book that extend concepts. Read the book and find out how to make a sky carousel, a sighting tube, and a pinhole eclipse view among other experiments.

The Planets in Our Solar System (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 2)
by Franklyn M. Branley has bright and engaging illustrations with lots of facts mixed into the text. We loved the instructions on how to make a solar system mobile at the end of the book.

Where Does the Moon Go? (Question of Science Book)
by Sidney Rosen answers questions that my kids are always asking. This is a fun book all about the moon.

If you’ve got a little space fan, be sure to check out our Outer Space theme learning and play activities for crafts, activities, snacks, movement, and sensory fun.

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