Candy Cane Scented Moon Dough Sensory Play

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Have you made your own moon dough yet?  This stuff is seriously messy and majorly fun!  We made our Candy Cane Scented Moon Dough recipe a little different than the usual moon dough recipe that is out there.   This recipe is very soft and fun even for moms to play with!  Read below to see how we made this!

Candy Cane Moon Dough By Sugar Aunts

Candy Cane Scented Moon Dough

We started with what we had on hand.  When it comes to kid-related messy play and making these sensory activities, we love to use something that otherwise would be thrown away.  Likewise, waste in these activities is not something we are big fans of.  So, when ever possible, we’ll re-use sensory play materials for other activities and save things like dyed pasta and rice for future sensory activities.

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This moon dough recipe used something that would otherwise be headed to the trash bin…I had some scented lotion that I had for a while… I really didn’t care for the scent.  That and some corns starch were all that were needed to make the base of our moon dough!
Lotion (scented or unscented)
To make the consistency of moon dough, use a 4:1 ratio of corn starch to lotion.  This will make a nice and fluffy, but moldable moon dough.  We added a few drops of peppermint extract and some red food coloring.  We used the gel type, but only because that is all we had on hand.  I’m sure liquid food coloring would work just as well, although with the added liquid of scent and food coloring, a little extra corn starch might be needed.  {note: different brands of lotion may effect this recipe.  As you mix the ingredients together, you many need to use more or less corn starch depending on the consistency.}

Half of the moon dough, I kept plain white and the other half got the red food coloring for a very candy cane look.   Add a few little bowls and spoons for scooping, and a couple of Candy Cane cookie cutters, and we were ready to play!

We all got busy scooping, fluffing, and mixing.  This was such a fun sensory play experience (for mom, too!)  The lotion made this dough very soft and with the peppermint scent, you could no longer smell the lotion’s scent.

Baby Girl (age 2) especially loved to scoop the moon dough.  She used the spoons and filled one cup after another.  And what great fine motor skills this was for her!  She liked to mix the red and the white colors together, dump it all out, and start scooping again! 

We played right on the hard wood floor of our dining room for an easy clean up.  Any stray moon dough bits were easy to broom right up.

Little Guy’s favorite part was making the candy cane molds.  We packed the moon dough into the cookie cutters and then pulled it up.  The moon dough would hold it’s shape of the candy cane.  There were a bunch of little moon dough candy canes before we finished!

The scent of peppermint candy canes filled the room!  We had so much fun playing with this moon dough! 

When we were finished playing, I poured all of the moon dough into a storage bad and saved it to make a new play activity.  We’ll be using it again, soon!

Have you made moon dough? How about candy cane scented moon dough?  If you make our recipe, be sure to share your experience with us on our Facebook age or below in the comments.  We love to see our ideas in action!

Looking for more fun candy cane scented sensory play?  I came across this fun Candy Cane Cloud Dough recipe from Learn Play Imagine and thought you awesome readers would love it too!

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