Recycled Paper Roll Turkey Stamp Craft

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 Turkey crafts are all around these days!  We’ve been getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving now as the Halloween candy dwindles.  This Turkey stamp craft was really fun and a spin on other paper roll crafts we’ve done recently.
Recycled Paper Roll Turkey Stamp Craft


 Turkey Stamp Craft

This craft used a Recycled Paper Roll.  We used a toilet paper roll, but a paper towel roll cut in half would work just as well.  This craft started with a little prep work from mom, but nothing requiring too much work.
Recycled Paper Roll Turkey Stamp Craft
I started by bending on cardboard roll into a turkey body shape.  The other roll was made into the feather stamp by cutting down the tube an inch and then snipping feathers. 
Recycled Paper Roll Turkey Stamp Craft
Add a little paint into a tray and the craft is ready for creating!
Use the paper roll stamps to press into the paint and then stamp onto the paper. 
 Big Sister first  stamped the turkey bodies on the page and then added the feathers.
The red, orange, and yellow colors mixed together to make pretty turkey feathers!
Smoosh those colors together for pretty turkey wings!

We let our turkeys dry (loads of thick paint to let dry…)
We love artwork loaded down with paint in our house 🙂
All they need are little beaks and eyes!
And done!  Our Turkey Stamps are ready for Thanksgiving!
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