Thanksgiving Fine Motor Kit


This Thanksgiving Fine Motor Kit contains everything you need to work on fine motor skills at home, in the classroom, or in the clinic. Kids can work on hand strength, eye-hand coordination, precision, dexterity, in-hand manipulation, and more. Use the printable pages to address handwriting, pencil control, letter formation, endurance in coloring, lacing, hole punching, glue bottle use, tool use, and managing manipulatives.

This packet contains handwriting activities, materials for easy sensory bins, Write the Room writing activities, I Spy page, pencil control strips, cutting scissor skills strips, clothes pin counting cards, and so much more.


This 40 page digital file includes everything you need to help kids develop fine motor skills. The printable sheets are designed to work on themed Thanksgiving fine motor activities and can be used over and over again. Print off all of them or just the pages you need. With this Thanksgiving theme fine motor kit, children can develop the following areas:

  • Pencil control
  • Scissor skills
  • Hand strength
  • Pinch strength
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Visual motor skills
  • Handwriting and letter formation
  • Precision and dexterity
  • Separation of the sides of the hand
  • Coloring accuracy and endurance
  • Pre-writing line accuracy
  • Precision and dexterity
  • Pincer grasp

This festive Fall packet is designed to cover a variety of areas and skills. Toddlers can use the coloring and shape pages. Preschool children can work on pre-writing lines, cutting strips, coloring pages, I Spy activity, counting, fine motor pinch activities, lacing cards, and more. Kindergarten children can work on letter formation and copying skills along with the other fine motor activities. Elementary aged students can use all of the fine motor activities as well as the handwriting activities and lined writing pages.

Details on the items included in this Thanksgiving Fine Motor Packet include:

9 Pencil Control Sheets- Each page includes 5 strips to work on accuracy and therapeutic practice of skills. Includes pre-writing line forms AND cursive writing line paths. Use a pencil, crayon, marker, or chalk to trace along pencil paths. Extend the activity and work on dexterity, precision, and pincer grasp by placing small items along the path, sticking stickers along the path, or using tweezers to position beads or mini erasers along the paths.

5 Cutting Strips Pages- Cut each strip on the bold lines. Use the small dots as visual markers for the assisting hand. You can also use them as a strengthening activity by hole punching each dot. A hole punch is a GREAT physical cue for moving the assisting and when cutting along the lines. Move the scissors down the shaded path to reach the Thanksgiving items. Don’t go off the path and work on eye-hand coordination. A second activity idea: Print a second copy of this page and punch holes on the small dots. Then, thread a string along each side of the Thanksgiving strip.

24 Color and Cut Thanksgiving Cards- Use these to work on hand strength and endurance to color each image. The forms are designed to be small and formatted to promote pencil control and line accuracy. Print off two pages of this sheet and play Memory game. Add these cards to sensory bins, or storytelling activities.

4 Pages of Simple Shapes Cutting- Children can work on line accuracy, cutting along simple forms, and changing direction with scissor cuts by cutting squares, circles, triangles, and stars. Cut each shape on the lines and use these themed shapes in creative play or writing activities. Glue them to clothes pins, craft sticks, or paper bags to make puppets. Use these shapes in sensory bins, or in making patterns. Includes various sizes for each shape to grade activities and meet a variety of needs.

Thanksgiving Write the Room Cards- This is such a great activity for working on letter formation, copying accuracy, spacing, and letter sizing. Cut each word card. Hang them around the room. Students can copy the words, working on letter formation and copying skills while copying from a distant point with change in visual shift. Grade down the activity by placing the cards on a table surface to make this activity easier. Children can then copy words without visual shift and by copying from a near point. Extend the activity: Use these words cards in sensory bins or in
scavenger hunts. Work on visual motor skills by asking students to copy the picture on each card. Includes lowercase words with a “small letter” bar for sizing accuracy. Includes uppercase words for younger children.

Thanksgiving Write the Room Cards with Direction Letters- Students can write on these cards to match the word cards hanging around the room, or use them in separate activities to work on letter formation. This is a great activity for young students working on letter formation and tracing letters within a given space. Place these cards in a sensory bin and students can write the words right on the card. To extend the use, laminate these cards and use them over and over again. Includes uppercase words and lowercase words to meet a variety of needs.

Thanksgiving Write the Room Cards, Cursive Version- Older students can work on cursive handwriting by writing the words as they hang around the room. Challenge students to write a sentence for each word, in cursive. Laminate these and use them as tracing cards. The options are endless!

Thanksgiving I Spy- Print off this sheet and use it over and over again. The forms are perfect for coloring, so students can find one or two items each session and work on coloring accuracy for a functional hand-strengthening activity. I Spy is a great way to work on visual perceptual skills like form constancy, visual discrimination, and more…all skills needed for reading, writing, and math.

Glue Skills Sheet- Work on hand strength with a squeeze glue bottle to fill in each glue dot without going over the lines. What a great way to work on eye-hand coordination skills! Better yet, extend the activity by asking children to tear small pieces of paper and crumble it up within their hand for a hand strength workout. They can then place the crumbled paper on the glue spots to create a fine motor artwork.

Thanksgiving Fine Motor Lacing Cards- Cut out the Thanksgiving shapes and punch holes along the edges. Use yarn, string, or ribbon to lace along the edges. Laminate these cards and use them over and over again. This is a great bilateral integration activity for all ages.

Fine Motor Feather Craft- Cut out the feather and then decorate! Add items like beads, string, glitter, stickers, or any small material to the feather to make it as colorful and detailed as you. Each child can collect small items from around the home and add them to their feather project. Use it as a process art project that pulls in discussions of gratitude. Use squeezable glue bottles to work on hand strength and coordination while working on precision and dexterity.

Symmetry Draw Activity- Students can copy one side of the symmetrical drawings to work on visual processing skills like visual closure and form constancy. This is a great pencil control and visual motor activity for children.

12 Turkey Feather Fine Motor Cards- Cut out the 12 turkey cards. Students can color in the turkeys if they like. Then, add the correct number of clothes pins or paper clips as feathers for each turkey. This is a great counting activity for younger students, but a fine motor activity that work on pincer grasp, hand strength, eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, and in-hand manipulation.

Pre-Writing Shapes Cards- Use the Thanksgiving themed cards to work on pre-writing forms with students. Children can trace the dotted lines, use rainbow writing, or write on them with a dry erase marker, if laminated or used in a page protector sheet. Raise the bar when it comes to developing fine motor skills by asking students to cover the dotted lines with beads, small objects, sequins, or mini craft pom poms. Still another activity would be to ask students to use glitter glue tubes to trace the lines so children can work on pinch strength and eye-hand coordination. Or, use a squeeze bottle of glue and students can place small objects or glitter on the pre-writing shapes.

Bold Lined Thanksgiving Handwriting Paper- This paper comes in double rule lines or single-ruled paper with Thanksgiving forms on the border. Students can color in the shapes for a colorful writing page. Use these writing pages in Thanksgiving writing prompts to list out what students are thankful for, while working on handwriting skills.

This Thanksgiving Fine Motor Packet has something for all ages and stages of development.