Cardboard Tube Turkey Juice Box Cover

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Turkey crafts are all around this time of year!
If you are following any kid-friendly bloggers on Pinterest or Facebook, you are definitely seeing turkeys!  We have been creating our share of turkey and thanksgiving crafts and having a BLAST with it!
This one was a quick little turkey craft that was last minute and so fun for the kids.

Turkey Juice Box Cover

 Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  We received crafting materials from All opinions and ideas are our own.
Thanksgiving Turkey Juicebox Cover

We used a few supplies from our friends over at to make this cute little Turkey Juice Box.  Colored feathers and googly eyes, along with a couple of little crafting scraps made a simple cardboard tube into a party-friendly turkey… just in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Turkey Juicebox Cover
To begin, cut the cardboard tube with one cut strait down.  Wrap the cardboard tube around the juice box and secure with clear tape.  Gather your colorful feathers and tape in place on the back of the juice box.
Thanksgiving Turkey Juicebox Cover
We used bits of crafting material to create the beak and red wattle (yes, I had to google that one…we call it the gobbler 🙂 )  The beak was a bit of orange foam sheet and just a bit of red felt sheet to make the facial features.   Glue those buggers on and this turkey is ready to make someone smile!

Thanksgiving Turkey Juicebox Cover

Wouldn’t this little guy be perfect for a preschool party or on the kid table at Thanksgiving dinner?

Big Sister enjoyed her turkey juice box while making a hand turkey picture!  Perfect combination!

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