Sensory Letter Play Activity for Kids

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This is a totally easy way to play and explore senses while learning a little along the way.
Baby Girl and I get some one-on-one time while Little Guy is at school a few days a week.  She is all about fun ideas and willing to go along with all of my crazy play ideas.  We have so much fun together!  We had fun with foam letters and an easy sensory bin one day and she’s been wanting to play with these things over and over again.   Sensory play activities are big in our house, but we try to make them easy, with simple set-up, and on the cheap.  This sensory letter rock bin was no exception!

Kids love to explore testures while learning letters

I started with a bag of pebbles you can find at your local dollar store.  These guys are meant for vase filler, but make an excellent fine motor and sensory play item.  We pulled out our foam letter puzzle and added the letters to the bunch.  Time to play!

Don’t you want to get in there and play?

Just punching those letters out was fun enough, but exploring the colors, letter names, and checking out the different rocks was an added bonus.  Baby Girl likes to play with these little rocks and pick out her favorites.  She has a few “cute little rocks” that are extra special.

We went through the bin and pulled the letters out and put them back into the puzzle one at a time.  This was a fun way to play and learn…the easy way!

Looking for more ideas for sensory bins?  Stop by our Sensory Bins and Tables Pinterest board and follow along with us:

Note:  As always, please use your judgment with any activity that you see on this blog.  Activities like this one should be supervised.  If your child tends to put items in their mouth, put this activity away and try again in a few months.  Have a fun and safe time playing!