Celebrate “Sensory”

If there’s one thing that is certain, it’s that we are ALL “sensory”! So often, therapists or teachers hear the term “sensory” in the classrooms and clinics. The term sensory can sometimes be used as a noun to describe a child or behaviors that are a result of sensory processing needs. Today, I wanted to offer a handful of sensory memes that can help us to better understand that we are all sensory creatures. It’s the way we are wired as humans!

While there definitely are behaviors and actions that are connected or as a result of unmet sensory needs or in direct relation to an unregulated sensory system, sometimes the word “sensory” is just that. A word. So, let’s celebrate the sensory beings that we all are with a few sensory memes!

Sensory meme: We are ALL Sensory in one way or another!

Sensory Memes

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We are all “Sensory”

Here’s the thing: we are ALL sensory! We all have ways that we keep ourselves regulated whether it’s by taking a deep breath when you’re feeling stressed, or by getting up and pacing during a phone call. You’ve seen so many forms of self-regulation in action:
  • Clicking a pen during a meeting
  • Quickly tapping a toe or wiggling one leg
  • Stretching
  • Taking a moment to take a deep breath and refresh
  • Needing to step away and sip cold water
  • Naps!
Sensory regulation comes in all forms. And, sensory processing needs can be met in so many ways. We are all different and in that, comes so many means of self-regulating.
For our kids who struggle with regulation, yes; The term “sensory” applies. But, we are ALL sensory!


For ideas to add sensory input into everyday play, try these sensory play ideas.

For information on sensory diets, we’ve got a lot here on The OT Toolbox. This article on What is a Sensory Diet can get you started.

HUGE Sensory Resource

Sensory meme: Child super powers. Kids are capable!
Celebrate ability and kindness. Our kids are capable. Let’s power them by telling them.
Sensory meme: You are strong, capable, loved, and so much more!
You are strong, capable, loved, and so much more!
Sensory meme: Celebrate differences!
Celebrate what makes us different!
Sensory meme: Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
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    These sensory memes are perfect for advocating for sensory and sharing sensory processing information.

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