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Here on The OT Toolbox, we’ve had a Sensory Processing Disorder information packet available for a long time. The booklet is a free handout that offers an understanding on sensory processing concerns. It’s a handout that can be used to advocate for sensory needs and is one of our top sensory processing resources here on the site. I’m excited to say that this booklet has been translated into Spanish! Below, you will find a Spanish resource on Sensory Processing that can be used by therapists working with Spanish-speaking clients and families.

Sensory processing information resource in Spanish for printing and educating in Spanish resources for occupational therapy

Sensory Processing Disorder Resource in Spanish

Sensory processing resources in Spanish can be hard to come by. For the client working in the Spanish-speaking community or for those looking for resources for their caseload, having a go-to booklet can make all the difference. Therapists need resources that don’t take time to create while supporting the clients they serve. 
This booklet can be used to help and educate adults with sensory processing concerns too. ,
Many times, therapists use conversational Spanish, but a sensory resource translated into Spanish would be an asset to their therapy toolbox. The specific terms used in describing and understanding SPD and the sensory systems can be tricky to portray in translation.


Que es procesamiento sensorial free printable resource for sensory processing information with a Spanish translation for Spanish speaking clients




This Spanish Sensory Processing information booklet is perfect for the therapist needing resources to educate parents and teachers.

You’ll find information on sensory processing, including each of the sensory systems and how these sensory systems present when sensory processing is a challenge. You’ll find each sensory system covered on its own page, including interoception, vestibular sense, tactile sense, and proprioception…all of which are big topics and can be difficult to portray in translating sensory information during occupational therapy sessions.

Sensory processing information in spanish for educating and helping Spanish speaking occupational therapy clients

Pages in the sensory processing information booklet are easy to read and broken own by sensory system. For the full printable booklet, scroll below to enter your email.






In this sensory resource, you’ll find each of the sensory systems broken down and information telling how the sensory systems are related to behaviors, actions, and specific needs that we see. This resource is a powerful way to get the information across! 


Print this free Spanish resource for explaining sensory processing with a spanish translation.

Occupational Therapy Resources in Spanish

Let me know if this resource is helpful to you! Would you be interested in more Occupational Therapy resources in Spanish?

Free Sensory Processing Disorder Booklet in SPANISH!

Use this sensory processing resource for understanding sensory processing and the sensory systems


Spanish Occupational Therapy Resource

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