Skip Counting by 5s

First grade math is fun stuff!  It’s all new to us as Big Sister works her way through first grade.  She’s our oldest and so it’s neat to see how much she’s learning in such a short time in school.  We’ve done math activities throughout her Kindergarten year and we’ll be supplementing the first grade curriculum at school with our own fun twist on math activities at home.  Learning through play makes homework easier and fun.  
The beginning weeks of first grade brought counting to 120 and skip counting by 5s and 10s.  We did this skip counting activity using stars to skip count by 5s.
You’ll also want to grab our free count and color worksheet for more fine motor math.


First Grade Math Activity

Skip Counting by 5s Activity

We started by using foam star stickers and a black piece of construction paper.  This “play”sheet (a fun way to play with a not-quite-worksheet) let us count and play as we learned.

Big Sister peeled the backs from the stickers and stuck the stars in a line.

Count those stars.
I wrote out on our playsheet the number of stars and the number of points.
We talked about the stars and how they have five points.  We practiced counting a few of the stars to see how they made counting by 5s easier.

Big Sister counted out the stars and then counted out the points by counting by fives.

Tattoos are optional for this activity 😉
We made a few more playsheets with stars for counting, using princess colors.  I kind of like the stary night sheets, though.
Let us know if you do this activity!
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