Littlest Pet Shop Party Ideas

My daughter (age 7) is a HUGE planner.  She loves to create, plan play ideas, write lists, plan parties, and organize.  My favorite scenario that she pretends and plans is her pet shop/beauty shop/school/day care. (Really, that sounds like a genius operation!)
When we had the opportunity to plan a Littlest Pet Shop Party for a few of her friends, I was very excited to tell her about the fun we would be having.  We got busy planning and she grabbed her pen and started making lists for party planning.  The invite list, the food, the activities…this is her kind of fun! (And lets be honest, her mom’s too.  We love our parties!)

Littlest Pet Shop Party Ideas

Littlest Pet Shop party ideas with snacks, craft, play, and more. This would be a great play date idea too, or just for fun!
I love that Big Sister can be who she wants to be with her ideas.  This party was such a fun way to expand on some of her interests with friends.  The Littlest Pet Shop empowers fans to Be Who They Want to Be, so this was a perfect fit for her big ideas!  From creating their own cities to customizing style sets and figures, the Littlest Pet Shop fans can create, decorate, and glamorize as they like.  With over 100 pets, there is a lot of fun and imagination to be had!  The city skyline can be arranged horizontally or vertically for unique fun and pretending.
Our Littlest Pet Shop party was so much fun.  Big Sister invited a cousin and a few friends (who happen to be HUGE Littlest Pet Shop fans!) We Customized our Blythe’s Bedroom set with stickers and Deco Bits (unique accessories that can be moved again and again for decorating fun).  This is a toy that can be used in so many ways in pretend play. 
The move-ability of the sets were great for lots of little hands to play.  We set them out on our train table before the party so that everyone could get in on the pretend play fun.  We loved that the sets could be accessed from all sides and there are play scenes on the back of the sets, too.  

The Littlest Pet Shop style set was big time fun for Big Sister and her shop planning.  She pretended to make a shop for dog bones and accessories.  There was a lot of purchasing and decorating with the style bits.

Penny Ling is a favorite in our house.  We used this little cutie to design our world digitally, too with the Littlest Pet Shop app.  Hold the toy, scan with your smart phone, and play! 

 Littlest Pet Shop Party Food


We served the girls chicken nuggets, noodles, and carrots, but every party needs a few snacks.  We served up Animal crackers and “Pet Shop Punch”.

What Pet Shop animals can you match up to the animal crackers?

Littlest Pet Shop Craft

We made popcorn bags as a Littlest Pet Shop craft.  The girls were big craft-fans, so this was fun!  I had an example of our popcorn crafts set out and the girls got busy with their painting.  We used these as popcorn bags for our movie later during the party. 
To make our Littlest Pet Shop popcorn bags, we glued on purple and pink pet bowls with an oval for the girls’ names.  They glued the pieces into place and then painted on the popcorn.  Popcorn in a pet bowl?  Perfect party snack for Pet Shop fans!
Next, we painted on popcorn.  We used cotton balls clipped onto a clothes pin. This made a great handle for the girls to paint popcorn on the bags.  Dab the paint dry and let the project dry completely before drawing on black outlines to the popcorn.  Alternately, you could glue on popcorn to the bag.

We decorated a bit more with stickers.

The popcorn bags dried while the girls played with pets. 

Littlest Pet Shop Party Play

Cute movie alert!

Girls watched the video on couch cushions spread out on the floor and took playing breaks at the play sets.  It was so much fun watching their pretend happening (and getting in on the action-a Mom’s gotta relive her pretend play days on long ago!  Plus, it’s just fun!)

These girls were loving the movie!  The popcorn was a hit for movie snacking.

This play set has been in pretend play action for weeks, now.  We’ve been arranging, re-arraigning, sorting, decorating, and styling our pets and loving it!