Sloppy Handwriting Quick Fix

This handwriting trick is an easy one to teach to kids.  It’s a quick lesson in written work that may be just the thing that turns sloppy writing into neat and legible handwriting.  It’s a quick tip in our 30 day series (that is running just a tad behind schedule. Don’t fret though, all quick tips will be here as soon as they are up on the blog.) You can find all of the handwriting tricks here.  

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Soppy writing tips for better handwriting

Sloppy Handwriting Quick Fix 

You’ve probably seen it before.  Written work that is all over the page in terms of letter size and formation, letters that are big and some that are small, and little awareness to lines.  

When a child writes quicly, sometimes letter formation suffers.  For other kids, they tend to write with poor letter formation all the time.  Letters have big gaps between parts of lines and there is very little re-trace.  

When writing letters accurately, there should be a certain amount of re-trace.  Letters that are formed by the pencil tracing back over a line have re-trace.  Letters “a, d, h, m, n, r, and p” are just a few examples with re-trace.

When a child omits that re-trace, they make letters that have a “kickstand”.  There is a big gap between parts of the letters and the size suffers.  Letters are formed haphazardly and illegibly.  It’s sloppy.

To improve neatness in written work, try this easy trick:

Grab a highlighter or yellow marker and go over your child’s written work.  You might use a list of spelling words or a response to a writing prompt.  Scan through the handwriting with your child and fill in the gaps with the yellow marker.  As you go through the letters, show your child how you can find all of those gaps and spaces that should be closed up tight.  

Handwriting tricks for neater letter formation
When letters are formed accurately and with nice re-trace, just a dot is all that is needed to fill in the gap.  Kids can even go through their written work and self-check for gaps in the letters.  Tell them to look for “kickstands” on their letters and to try to form the letters with just a small dot of space.

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Try this trick for neater letter formation and handwriting
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