Snow Play **25 Days of Christmas Play**

Day 7 of 25 Days of Christmas Play

It was a beautiful 65 degree December day here…We spent it loving the outside this afternoon…Ate our lunch on the porch, played in the sandbox and backyard, did some sidewalk chalk…and decided to make a little Fake Snow!

These are the ingredients…Shaving cream left over from our Summer Messy Play Date, baby powder from the Dollar Tree, and glitter!

Big Sister and Little Guy were so excited to play in the shaving cream.  
(Who wouldn’t be???)

We used about half of the bottle of shaving cream and half of the baby powder to get this consistency.  It was pretty mold-able and Very Fun to play with!

Fake snow Snowman…

Big Sister had the idea to sprinkle the snow and sing “it’s snowing…it’s snowing…”

I enjoyed my coffee with Peppermint mocha creamer and a candy cane while the snow fell!

 A few more pics of our other outdoor play today…Snowman Emotion Drawings: I drew the snowmen and asked for a happy snowman, a sad snowman, and a surprised snowman.

(They did a little Multi-step Direction Following, and Emotion Identification!)

Our Christmas Play series has been so much fun, so far! We have a lot more planned…Stop by tomorrow to see what we have been up to! 


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  3. I tried this snow thing and it didn't make that consistency for me at all. 🙁 And it STUNK! My 3 year old played for a few minutes and then she was like "mommy I done, it stinks too bad." LOL Not sure where I went wrong w/ the consistency though… It was fun and kept her busy for a little bit though, so thank you!

  4. Aww, so sorry it didn't work out for you! Maybe the brand of shaving cream and powder made it stink? We didn't notice an adverse odor while we played…As for the consistency, I eyeballed it when mixing the amounts together, so maybe that was it. Glad she played for a bit, though 🙂

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