Snowman Craft Fine Motor Winter Craft for Kids

Winter crafts are one of our favorites!  When it’s so cold outside and the snow is blowing around, it’s so much fun to just create a fun craft with a pile of paint, glitter, and STUFF!  We’ve done quite a few winter crafts around here and this cute little snowman craft is a fun one to add to the list.
Spring seems to be a long way off with all of the snow outside, and this snowman has been happily hanging out on our dining room wall as we wait for any signs of spring. 


Snowman Craft for Kids

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We started out with a few supplies: black pony beads, orange felt, white paper condiment cups, glue, and markers.

Baby Girl glued three of the condiment cups on a sheet of paper with a. lot. of glue.  But isn’t a ton of glue always involved in crafts with two year olds 😉

This dried. Eventually.

We cut a little triangle from the orange felt and glued that on.  We drew a cute little smile and arms with the marker and then decided to draw buttons on too.  You could totally use the pony beads, but that didn’t happen with this cute snowman.

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