Star of David Printable Deep Breathing Activity

Today I have another one of our mindfulness activities: a Star of David Printable that focuses on deep breathing. This particular deep breathing exercise was a special request by dozens of our readers. So, I knew that for those teaching or providing therapy services to kids in Jewish schools and homes, this would be a big hit. Be sure to check out another resource on how to use a breathing star to support self regulation needs.

Star of David printable deep breathing exercise

Star of David Printable Deep Breathing Exercise

You’ve probably seen our other holiday and seasonal deep breathing exercises. They all focus on offering a fun and motivating way for kids to reset.

Deep breathing strategies can help kids calm down, focus, and to re-group when they need to specifically focus on mindful participation in activities. It’s a powerful calming strategy.

That’s where this Star of David Printable comes into play. It can be used during Hanukkah, or it can be used any time of year!

Incorporate this deep breathing tool into other seasonal and themed activities:

Star Breathing

You’ve probably seen our many deep breathing tools available here on the website. Did you know we first started sharing image-based deep breathing resources many years ago, and then they started being created all over the internet using different images and pictures.

One such image based breathing tool is star breathing.

When one does star breathing as a self-regulation strategy, the user would trace along the sides of a star and breathe deeply in while tracing along the straight line of the star.

When reaching the point of the star, the user would hold their breath and pause.

This breath control strategy supports proprioceptive input through the lungs, chest, and offers heavy work input through the chest. It’s a very calming form of relaxation breathing.

Free Star of David Printable for Deep Breathing

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Free Star of David Deep Breathing Exercise

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    Star of David Printable Deep Breathing exercise

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