Summer Kick-Off Playdate party details

We had a Summer Kick-Off Play Date last month
(this post is just a little delayed, haha!)
…and we wanted to share the party details and fun!
We invited some friends over for a play date and instructed the moms to dress the kids in their bathing suits, and bring towels.  What else says “summer” like the sprinkler??
A summer kick-off party also needs a bucket of chalk, popsicles, and a big bin of lawn toys.
I made the sunny straw toppers one morning while sitting and watching my kiddos take their swimming lessons.  Big Sister drew a bunch of suns on yellow cardstock and I cut them out.  Easy and cute!
I put out a bowl of bubbles and added sunny little details like yellow bowls, napkins, and plates. 
The Oreo dirt dessert was a hit!  And very easy to make:
Crush a package of Oreo cookies.
Make a package of pudding (I used vanilla but chocolate would be good, too).
Pop open a container of Cool-Whip.
Layer pudding/Cool-Whip/Oreos.
Our summer kick-off play date was a great way to connect with some friends we haven’t seen for a while and a FUN way to get excited about summer!

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