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Use your squirrel themed brain break activities to address movement needs in the classroom when reading books with a squirrel theme or during the Fall months. 

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Extend the activity with these brain break tools:
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         Cranium Brain Breaks Game

Cranium Brain Break Game  challenges your ability to complete creative activities with 200 one-minute mini-games. This is a fast-moving, thinking game that challenges the brain!

Brain Breaks for the Classroom is a book of 40 fun exercises designed to help students take a quick break and return to their work refreshed and ready to learn. These brain break ideas can help students in grades K-5 to improve motivation, cooperation, and learning. This book has a nice full-color poster with five easy moves all kids can do when they need a “brain break” to promote independence with movement and learning. 

Brain Break Cards are cardboard, brain-shaped activity cards  the classroom.

Looking for more brain break ideas? You’ll love adding these resources to the classroom or therapy clinic:

Apple theme brain breaksBear brain break ideas for kidsLittle Blue Truck and farm themed brain breaks for attention, focus and sensory needs in the classroom based on farm animals.

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