Thank You Astronaut Play Dough Mat

Thank you for downloading the Astronaut Play Dough Mat! You should have an email in your inbox right now with a link to download the file. 

The email also includes some instructions and the “why” behind play dough mats like this one. THere is a lot of development going on when a little one uses a play dough mat like the one you just accessed! Scroll below to to find some additional usage instructions.

Housekeeping Information:

If you do not see the email right away, check back within 30 minutes. Be sure to check your SPAM folder.  Other subscribers using an email hosted on a school system’s email provider may have security restrictions in place that block the email. If you still don’t see the email, shoot me a message at and I will send the file to you directly.

If you arrived here by accident and would like to receive a free astronaut themed play dough mat to improve hand strength, check out this post that shares information on the Astronaut Play Dough Mat.

How to use Improve Intrinsic Hand Strength with a Play Dough Mat

You are going to build so many small muscles of the hand with this activity!

Rolling play dough within one hand promotes development of a variety of areas: 

Strengthens the arches of the hands, helps awareness and coordination in separation of the two sides of the hand.

Promotes finger isolation for improved control and dexterity

Encourages dexterity and coordination of the thumb and index finger which are important in pencil grasp

Strengthens the intrinsic muscles for improved endurance in fine motor tasks such as maintaining hold on a pencil, manipulating clothing fasteners, managing and using scissors, coloring, and many other tasks