Tractor Footprint Art for Kids



We LOVE print art at my house. My kids are 2, 3, and 6yr right now. I love making fun keepsakes with their little prints. They love making them just as much as I love keeping them. The transformation from a handprint or footprint into say, a Bunny, is just so much fun to them. With Spring in the air and thoughts of gardening and getting outside, we decided to try making a fun Tractor Footprint Art for the art wall. The kids are just thrilled at how this turned out.


Tractor Footprint Art

What we used/ supplies:


green paint
white cardstock

green, yellow, and black paper





 What we did/ how to make:


I used my finger and smeared green paint on my sons foot. I pressed it down on the white cardstock. I had wipes and paper towel handy to wipe his foot off. Once he was done we left the footprint to dry overnight.


Once I came back to the dry green footprint it was time to turn it into a tractor! I grabbed the yellow, black, and green paper out. Also the glue and scissors. The kids were at school and I had to to do this now or never but the kids can help with all of the next steps. We still have a few footprints on the counter to work on when they get home.


I took what was on the counter and traced 2 different sized circles on the yellow paper. You want one to be bigger than the other. Once I had those, I laid them on the black paper and guessed and traced a circle a little large. I took my scrapbook scissors and cut those out. Now I glued the yellow circles to the black circles. Yay, we have tires now.


Glue the tires to the footprint. I took a little of the yellow paper and cut out a top for the tractor. I used the black sharpie to draw the lines under the top. And last added a pipe with smoke coming out. The bottom looked empty so I added green paper.


 Hi! I am Jaime, mama to three high energy boys. With three boys, life never slows down, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! We love creating, learning, and crafting together and we can turn anything into an adventure.